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Document Title Date Download Link
KCLC Pamphlet Feb 06, 2015 KCLC Brochure 2013.pdf
Energy Re-Billers Jul 16, 2012 Law Talk Energy Re-Billers The High Cost of Signing Up for Energy at Your Door (July 2012)1.pdf
AGM 2015 Notice Nov 04, 2015 KCLC AGM Invitation 2015.pdf
Is a reverse Mortgage a Good Idea for you? Nov 26, 2015 Is a reverse Mortgage a Good Idea for you.pdf
Changes to Social Assistance Apr 23, 2013 Changes to social assistance will make it worse1.pdf
Lost your Job? Entitled to pay or notice? Aug 14, 2014 Lost your Job Entitled to pay or notice.pdf
Moving Out of Your Rental Unit Jul 03, 2014 Moving out of your rental unit What you should know2.pdf
Disability Tax Credit: A Do-It-Yourself Guide Nov 27, 2014 Disability Tax Credt A Do-It-Yourself Guide.pdf
Sexual Harassment at Work Dec 17, 2014 Sexual Harassment at Work.pdf
Are You Representing Yourself in Family Court? Feb 06, 2015 Are You Representing Yourself in Family Court.pdf
Eviction Proceedings Commenced by Non Profit Housi Mar 13, 2015 Eviction proceedings for Co-ops.pdf
Expulsions, Suspensions and Special Education Righ Mar 20, 2015 Education Workshop flyer.1.pdf
Income and Health Benefits for Seniors Apr 07, 2015 Income and Health Benefits for Seniors.pdf
Shoplifting Demand Letters Jun 30, 2015 Shoplifting Demand Letters.pdf
Can A Landlord Legally Take A Tenant's Belongings? Jul 31, 2015 Can A Landlord Legally take A Tenant's Belongings.pdf
E-Filing Now Available at LTB and Small Claims Cou Sep 01, 2015 E-Filing Now Available at Landlord and Tenant Board and Small Claims Court.pdf
OW & ODSP Rates Oct 14, 2015 OW_and_ODSP_rates_and_OCB_as_of_Oct2015.doc
ACE Newsletter - December 2015 Dec 10, 2015 ACE Newsletter Fall 2015 3Dec2015.pdf
Family Law Resource Sheet Dec 21, 2015 Family Law Resources.pdf
Schedule 1 Class Action - Filing a Claim Jul 13, 2016 Poster Kingston-2.pdf
Human Rights - Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Jul 25, 2016 Human Rights - Pregnancy And Breastfeeding.pdf
2017 LIEN Annual Conference Apr 05, 2017 LIEN Annual Conference.jpg


Apr 13, 2017

New ODSP Medical Reviews

The new medical review process begins this month.

Apr 07, 2017

Education Law Blog

Expulsion Part I: Overview

Apr 05, 2017

Shedding Light on Ontario's Energy Sector

Register now for the 2017 LIEN annual conference, which will be held in Kingston on May 17, 2017

Apr 05, 2017

New Medical Review Process

The Ministry has announced the new medical review process today.

Mar 23, 2017

Education Law Blog

Suspension Part III: Appeal Hearing