• John R. Done, Executive Director |Staff Lawyer |Ext. 25
  • William Florence | Staff Lawyer | Ext. 27
  • Kimberly Hurt | Licensed Paralegal | Ext. 24
  • Ryan Deacon | Staff Lawyer | Ext. 28
  • Sarah Forsyth | Articling Student | Ext. 42
  • Rachel Evans | Office Manager | Ext. 23
  • Miriam Borden | Administrative Assistant | Ext. 0
  • Tatiana McIntosh | Administrative Assistant | Ext. 0

Finding an Email Address:

In an effort to reduce the amount of SPAM and junk email that is received we have decided not to publish e-mail addresses for our staff. You may direct an e-mail to us simply by using the last name (first seven letters) and the first initial of the individual, along with “”

For example:  Joe Smith’s email address is:

If you would like KCLC to give you legal advice, please telephone 613-541-0777, Ext. 0 to complete an intake.

Until we agree to act for you on a matter, you should not provide us with any unsolicited confidential information or material.  Unsolicited information and material will not be treated as confidential and will not be protected by any lawyer-client privilege.